Anything as a Service: XaaS for Small Businesses in WV

In recent years, businesses have escaped the traditional purchase and lease model for Computer keyboard close-up. Signifies how ComTech Consulting LLC makes IT affordable by offering Anything as a Service, XaaS for Small Businesses in West Virginia (WV).acquiring hardware and software or even IT services in general. Increasingly they are turning instead to a new cloud computing service model to meet their IT needs. The anything as a service (XaaS) model makes hardware, software, and cloud services more accessible and affordable than ever before. Indeed, it’s as if the powers that be developed XaaS for small businesses in WV.

XaaS for Small Businesses in WV

These days, computers, the Internet, and other technologies are standard in small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Employees who previously manned typewriters and copy machines now do their work using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. But although computers are integral to daily tasks, a WV SMB IT budget often isn’t sufficient to maintain an in-house IT department or to regularly purchase computer and software upgrades when needed. As a result, many limp along with outdated equipment and software and other SMB tech issues.

Enter the age of cloud computing. Cloud computing simply means accessing data and using programs through the Internet as opposed to just from your computer’s hard drive. Cloud computing has become the norm.

The ease of working from the cloud has also spawned a new business model: anything as a service. Using an XaaS arrangement provides SMBs in WV and the surrounding states ready access and lower costs than needed for the purchases of hardware and software. As a result, XaaS has given SMBs access to hardware, software, and tech services previously outside of their budgets.

What is XaaS?

XaaS is a business model in which hardware, software, and related tech services and platforms are available on a subscription or on demand basis. The most common forms of the model involve a business’s basic technology expenses: software, infrastructure, and platform.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a distribution model in which the vendor licenses and provides its customer access to certain fully functioning software located in the cloud. The customer has fewer or even no maintenance duties but, instead, gains the use of fully functioning software, accessed by its computers via the Internet.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows customers to choose and run their own applications using networks, servers, storage, an operating system, and other hosting services provided by the vendor in the cloud. The vendor is responsible for the maintenance on the services provided.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a service model in which the vendor provides to its subscribers tech infrastructure, such as hardware, storage, servers, and possibly software. The vendor purchases, owns, and maintains the equipment for the subscriber’s use.

Following the success of these distribution models, vendors are now offering other services using the “as a service” model. For example, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides backup processes and hosting to preserve the subscriber’s data in the event of a failure of the subscriber’s own systems. And a client subscribing to Security as a Service (SECaaS) purchases the vendor’s software and monitoring for protection against data intrusions, viruses, spyware, and other malware. In essence, almost any tech-based service can be delivered using the subscription model. But why are these models becoming so popular?

What are the Benefits of XaaS for Small Businesses in WV?

The field of subscription IT services is growing, as demonstrated by the increasing variety of services available under the “as a service” model. This distribution method has many benefits over the direct sale or lease models:

  • Lower costs;
  • Earlier access to newer technologies;
  • Flexibility; and
  • Lower maintenance.

The XaaS Model Makes IT Affordable

The subscription model makes acquiring newer technology much more affordable. Just as a car lease usually has a lower monthly cost than monthly payments toward a purchase, so, too, are the tech products and services available to a small businesses using XaaS in WV generally less expensive than an outright purchase or lease.

In addition to avoiding a large capital expense, in many cases the subscriber also avoids the costs of maintaining and upgrading the software, platform, or infrastructure acquired by subscription. The vendor is generally responsible for the maintenance of the hardware or software provided under the subscription.

The XaaS Model Allows SMBs to Upgrade Sooner

The subscription model for IT acquisition lowers capital expenditures and, as a result, allows SMBs to upgrade sooner and more often. This allows SMBs to choose from a wider variety of hardware and software and keep up with advances in the technology they use. By acquiring newer or upgraded computing services, SMBs can increase efficiency and stay competitive.

The XaaS Model Provides Flexibility

Your company’s IT needs change over time. In increase in demand for your products or services causes an increase in the resources you need to meet that demand and, sometimes, in the number of personnel. IT products and services acquired under the as a service model are scalable, meaning they are easy to increase and decrease depending on your demand for the hardware or software. Using on-demand IT products and services allows your business to respond to customer needs faster.

The XaaS Model is Often Maintenance-Free

Acquiring your SMB’s hardware, software, and other IT services as a subscription service often frees you from having to maintain the IT hardware and software you use. Instead, in many cases, the vendor is responsible for providing regular maintenance on hardware and installing hardware and software updates and patches. SMB tech issues are avoided, freeing you and your employees to do what you do best and freeing up funds that would otherwise be consumed by your WV SMB IT budget.

Choosing XaaS for small businesses in WV puts those businesses on better footing with small business and enterprise competitors alike. Using on-demand services allows small- and medium-sized businesses the advantage of acquiring the technology that will best meet their needs while saving on capital expenditures, maintenance costs, and time. This, in turn, allows small business to be more efficient and productive, even as technologies and business needs change.

The professionals at ComTech Consulting, LLC can provide anything as a service, saving you time and money and making your IT dollar go farther. To explore IT acquisitions, upgrades, and maintenance under the anything as a service model, call (304) 720-8491 or email us at Let ComTech help you protect your business’s records so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

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