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Understanding and keeping up with the latest information on hardware, software, security, and all things IT is a full-time job. Most businesses don’t have the budget for a dedicated IT staff. Where does a business turn when problems arise with technology or when the business wants to upgrade or improve its current system?

ComTech Consulting provides complete IT services in WV, KY, & OH that are customized for small- and medium-sized business (SMB) clients. ComTech learns the IT needs of each client to offer individualized, budget-conscious IT solutions. From new businesses starting from a blank technology slate to ongoing ventures looking for upgrades, repairs, or fully managed IT solutions, ComTech offers customized services to meet each customer’s requirements. ComTech’s skilled technicians keep up with the latest changes in technology so you don’t have to.

ComTech Consulting wants to be your IT department. ComTech offers a broad variety of services, all with quick availability and prompt response time, to keep your technology running smoothly.

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

If you lost access to your company’s computers, server, or the office altogether, would you be able to operate? For most SMBs, the answer is “no.”

ComTech can develop a business continuity plan for your SMB so that you can continue to do business even if disaster

strikes your office or its equipment. ComTech also provides data backup and disaster recovery services to help get you running again. ComTech offers complete continuity planning to keep you in business even when technology works against you.

Network Design, Administration, and Hosting

The days of hosting and maintaining an on-site computer network are phasing out. Keeping network server hardware on-site requires space and regular maintenance many businesses aren’t equipped to handle. And having a network configured to serve your company’s unique needs helps your employees work more efficiently.

If you’re considering a migration to the Cloud, tweaking your network to meet your company’s needs, or just need someone to manage the network, talk to the technicians at ComTech Consulting for an evaluation and prompt, professional service.

IT Security Services

Everyone knows that computer security is important, but few are qualified to make sure their equipment is protected from security risks. The technicians at ComTech Consulting can evaluate your computer systems’ security, recommend and implement security protocols, and address security breaches. Call ComTech Consulting for IT services in WV, KY, and OH to make sure your data and your customers’ information is safe.

Cloud Services and Network Hosting

Cloud services, including network hosting, make your business software and files accessible from anywhere without the worry of hardware failures. With ComTech’s secure cloud services and network hosting, you can devote your energy to your business and let the professionals keep your software and files safe, secure, and backed up.

If you’re considering moving your files or software off-site or just don’t want the hassle of maintaining an on-site server, call the experts at ComTech Consulting for cloud IT solutions in WV, KY, or OH.

Desktop and Hardware Solutions for WV, KY, and OH Companies

If your business is like most, you have more than one computer, require a network for the computers to operate, and have other office equipment as well. New models of equipment and new software come out every year. How do you know what you need?

With your company’s needs in mind, ComTech technicians will tell you when you need cutting edge equipment and when a basic model will suffice. Spend your IT dollars wisely by letting ComTech help you purchase, install, and maintain the desktops and other IT hardware in your office.

Business Communication Systems

From landlines and fax machines to mobile phones, all businesses use some form of computer technology for communications. Selecting and maintaining the right communication equipment is key to keeping these systems working seamlessly with your business. ComTech Consulting can help you review your current communication systems and, if needed, select, install, and implement the ideal system for your business and budget.

Desktop Services, Including End User Support and Break Fix, Nationwide

Computers and other technical office equipment get daily use, and eventually something goes wrong. ComTech Consulting’s technicians can help keep your computers and other equipment running smoothly. From regular maintenance to break fix in a crisis, ComTech’s technicians work hard to help keep you up and running.


When SMBs first began using computers, computer equipment was highly specialized, with different pieces doing different jobs. Today, those jobs can be condensed, or “virtualized,” into fewer pieces of equipment. Talk to a ComTech Consulting technician to find out how to save on space, equipment maintenance, and upgrade costs through virtualization.

XaaS: End to End Managed IT Services in WV, KY, and OH

ComTech offers complete IT management. After identifying your IT needs, ComTech can purchase, install, configure, and maintain your IT hardware and software systems. That means no hassle, no worry, no keeping up with the latest in technology. And ComTech offers various business models for its services, from XaaS (anything as a service) to managed services. Let ComTech be your IT department, THE IT solution, so you can concentrate on your business.

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ComTech provides comprehensive business IT services in WV, KY, and OH. To get started with ComTech, contact ComTech today: (304) 720-8491 or, for the quickest response, Sales@ComTechSBS.com.

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