Is VPN for WV Small Business Right for You?

According to a CNBC survey of small business owners, only two percent of small business owners said that cyberattacks, such as hacks and data breaches, are theirImage of a man’s hands holding a smartphone while working at his desk represents how having VPN for small business allows employees and business owners to access information from any location safely and securely. The expert technicians at ComTech Consulting, LLC can provide the small business cybersecurity solutions to businesses in West Virginia (WV), Ohio (OH), and Kentucky (KY). biggest threat. However, over half of the cyberattacks reported target small businesses because they often don’t have the security they need to prevent the attacks. With businesses increasingly sending data online and telecommuting on the rise, having your online presence protected is vital to the health of your business. VPN for WV small business can protect your online data no matter where you are accessing your information.

How VPN for WV Small Business Improves Security While Saving Time and Money

Of all the IT security features available for small businesses, VPN is one of the most all-encompassing because it can be used to provide protection in the office as wells as remotely. Read on to learn why you need VPN for small business.

What is VPN for Small Business?

VPN is a virtual private network. This means that a private network is created for connecting your computer to your office network across the Internet, allowing you to send or access data and information over these networks safely and securely. It’s like have a secure line for computer communications.

VPN for small business allows multiple users to access your company’s network and allows you or your employees to work remotely without fear of falling victim to hacking or a data breach.

VPN uses encryption protocols to keep the data transmitted secure. By encrypting your connection and hiding your IP address, the data you access, send, and receive from your office network is private. Hackers are unable to get a hold of sensitive information such as passwords, client information, credit card numbers, or financial data.

How Will VPN for WV Small Business Benefit You?

While traditional offices have usually relied on internal network security such as firewalls to prevent data breaches, in today’s business world VPN in West Virginia is much more practical. Nearly half of the U.S. workforce is telecommuting at least some of the time. When workers use smartphones or laptops without a secure connection, they are putting sensitive information at major risk.

Times that employees work from home, access information via public Wi-Fi or while you are traveling are when VPN is essential for small business. VPN provides that security you need.

Is VPN Affordable for Small Businesses?

Many small businesses sacrifice security to save money. But those business owners may not realize that a hack or data breach can wind up costing them their business. With approximately 60 percent of small businesses closing within six months of a cyberattack, having the right security in place is necessary for survival.

Using a VPN connection can prevent the serious cost of repairing the damage done from a cyberattack, but VPN users will see the cost-effectiveness of VPN in other ways. For example, letting employees use VPN to telecommute can cut down on your office overhead while maintaining security. VPN is also an efficient way to scale your business, whether you want to add satellite offices or simply hire more employees.

If you feel VPN for small business is right for you, reach out to ComTech Consulting, LLC. We provide comprehensive IT security solutions for small businesses that keep your data and information safe from hacks and data breaches, allowing you to go online without fear of exposing important data and information. Our team can provide the IT security solutions you need to prevent hacks or recover data in the event of a disaster, so reach out to us by email at or by phone at (304) 720-8491.

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