Ensure You’re Keeping Your Business Running during a Power Outage

Nothing could be worse than having a successful and productive day at work and having that productivity ruined by a power outage. Outages don’t have to last long for the effects to be damaging to your company. Here are some ways to minimize the damage to your business and to focus on keeping your business running during a power outage.

Keeping Your Business Running during a Power OutagePhoto of lightning storm that can cause a power outage. Storms like this can cause power surges that hurt your company’s equipment and data and can damage client relationships. If you’re interested in keeping your business running during a power outage, contact ComTech Consulting. We proudly serve clients in West Virginia (WV), Kentucky (KY), Ohio (OH), and nationwide.

Storms and power outages can do more damage than diminish a day of work and productivity. Without proper protection, power surges can damage or destroy your computer hardware and data.

Your first line of defense should be electrician-installed surge protection at your main service panel. In most locations, this will cost less than $1,000, but the peace of mind it can provide for surges is priceless.

In addition, all companies should rely on point-of-use surge protectors for all hardware, as well. Look for surge protectors that are certified by Underwriters Laboratories and that carries equipment coverage. Follow all directions to ensure you comply with the terms of coverage.

Also, compare important features such as response time, clamping voltage, and maximum energy protection. And spring for a surge protector that notifies you with a visual or audible alarm when it has been compromised. Even the best surge protectors wear out from use.

That covers the hardware, but what about your valuable data and work? The best way to protect your data, your company’s files, or any information you keep electronically is to use a scheduled backup on your business’s network or—better yet—in cloud storage.

This will minimize any data loss you experience during a power outage or surge as you will always be able to restore from a regular data backup. Check out our article on data storage options and data storage issues to determine which would be best for your business.

Every business needs to have a plan of action for emergencies and disasters so it can be organized and efficient when the worst occurs. The inability to work during a power outage will be most obvious, so ensure that employees know the protocol for what should happen and the priority of each task. You can also learn more about business continuity and disaster recovery planning right here on our website.

Other Ways Power Outages Could Damage Your Business

Loss of data and damaged hardware aren’t the only ways power outages can wreak havoc on businesses. When power outages occur, your company loses time, and time is money.

Ultimately, power outages mean the loss of sales and revenue. In addition, downtime can harm your customer relationships, which, in a worst-case scenario, can damage your company’s reputation.

A solid plan of action can help avoid or reduce consequences like these by keeping your business running during a power outage.

Keeping Your Business Running During a Power Outage with Advance Planning

Does your business have a business continuity plan? A disaster recovery plan?

Power outages can hit quickly and you need to be prepared. Regardless of where you do business, power outages and surges are a potential problem; fortunately, these are problems you can address in advance. Having the proper procedures and systems in place will ensure you’re keeping your business running during a power outage. If you would like help, ComTech Consulting, LLC is available to help. Contact us today at (304) 720-8491, or email us at Sales@ComTechSBS.com.

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