Managed Services for Small Business

Once a small- or medium-sized business (SMB) realizes that it has information technology (IT) issues that it needs to address, it is often at a loss as to how to attack them. Is it something the SMB can handle in-house? Does the SMB need to form an IT department? Woman holding laptop while smiling with arrows drawn in and pointing in all directions away from her shows how ComTech Consulting, LLC can alleviate your IT worries as your managed services provider in West Virginia (WV), Ohio (OH), and Kentucky (KY). ComTech serves areas of Beckley, WV currently or formerly served by Beckley Technology Solutions, Phillips Technologies, Renegade Technology Group, DAB Technologies, Boles Technology, AB Computer Help, Computer Chick, and Compute One.Or, instead, does the business have other options? From Beckley to Berkeley Springs, companies of all sizes can turn to ComTech Consulting for managed services for small business in West Virginia (WV).

Better than an in-house IT department, managed services for SMBs give SMBs access to the knowledge and capacity of an IT department of a large corporation without the cost. From Morgantown to Beckley, small businesses need to turn to the business model that is particularly suited to small business needs and budgets: the managed services business model.

Managed Services for Small Business: What Is It?

Managed services for SMBs” refers to a suite of IT-related services that are necessary for the highest functioning of an SMB. Services include IT management and support services, security management, IT updating and monitoring, preventative maintenance, secure cloud back-up services, reporting, workstation support, and 24/7 system monitoring and support, among others. The provider tailors the managed services to each client’s particular needs.

Small businesses in Beckley and across the state continually face new technological developments and employee use of portable electronics such as laptops and mobile phones. The continual influx of new technologies and devices makes staying ahead of the curve an imperative. Using managed services for SMBs is an economical choice.

How Do Managed Services for SMBs Work?

When a small business realizes that its IT needs exceed its ability to maintain an in-house IT staff, choosing managed services is taking the first step toward solving a lingering potential headache. When the SMB reaches out to a managed services provider (MSP), the provider starts by meeting with the SMB to learn what their SMB does and what IT systems are currently used. Based on that conversation, the MSP will develop a plan detailing the services that could be provided to meet the SMB’s IT needs. Being an expert in its field, a managed services provider can offer scalable services in order to help an SMB choose the best fit for its IT needs and its budget.

Does the SMB need help only with maintaining company security? Does the SMB need help with managing a range of devices? Or does the SMB need a comprehensive management plan to cover all of its IT needs? The managed service provider can answer those questions and more, often identifying IT needs that a business does not realize it has.

Managed Services for SMBs: Are They Worth It?

The business that contracts with a managed services provider to deal with IT issues will see benefits almost immediately. First, the SMB will see from working with a managed service provider that the business no longer has that nagging concern of what if something happens with its IT systems. Depending on the contract, the MSP is on call to handle the business’s day-to-day IT issues.

SMBs also benefit by contracting IT security issues to MSPs. SMBs are increasingly the victims of cyber attacks, but an SMB can rely on a managed services provider to keep the SMB’s IT security up-to-date. Contracting with a managed services provider will help to allay the SMB’s fear of what happens if your company gets hacked and how to recover from it.

Beyond the benefit of knowing that your SMB has help with security breaches and the recovery from them, employing the help of a managed services provider can almost immediately bring increases in productivity and employee satisfaction. Some IT issues of SMBs can slow your employees’ workdays. Problems with a computer running slowly or not booting properly, information being hard to find or retrieve, systems being outdated or improperly maintained, and ineffective and cumbersome security measures can all be addressed with the help of a managed service provider for SMBs.

Those things that slow your employees’ workdays also negatively impact productivity and lower job satisfaction. Happy employees are productive employees – more than 10% more productive. Finding a WV managed services provider for your SMB can boost productivity and thereby, profitability. This can raise your employee and customer satisfaction, ultimately providing easy to see benefits to your SMB.

To learn about Beckley IT consultants and managed services for small business IT needs in West Virginia (WV), Kentucky (KY), and Ohio (OH), call ComTech Consulting, LLC. For an evaluation of your IT needs and how a managed services approach can meet those needs, call ComTech at (304) 720-8491 or email us at

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