Networking Services in WV for Small Businesses

Networking services in WV help small businesses run efficiently and securely. Even basic computer networks are too This man stretching at his desk shows how carefree your small business can be after having networking services in WV solve your networking problems.complicated for anyone other than an expert to set them up correctly. Most small businesses are going to need more than a basic computer network as they need to run more than one computer as well as office equipment. So, for efficient IT administration, office networking services are needed on all computer networks for WV small businesses.

Why Your Small Business Needs Networking Services in WV

Today’s businesses rely on computers to serve customers and clients and to handle internal business affairs. An office with just one computer connected to the Internet may not need a network. But when a small business runs multiple computers and office equipment, a computer network can help integrate separate pieces of equipment to make work faster and more efficient.

An improperly configured network is intolerable because even a brief technical difficulty can significantly impair your business functions. Employees stand around with nothing to do or waste time trying to fix the network. Services can’t be given or must be completed in an outdated and inefficient manner. Customers get a negative impression of your business. All of these situations cost you money.

That’s not even getting into the costly and harrowing experience of a data breach. Your reputation can take a huge and lasting hit, and the costs to repair the damages can be quite hurtful. It is common to assume that data breaches only happen to large corporations. Unfortunately, 61% of data breaches in 2017 hit small businesses, and this trend is increasing. Most small businesses do not use any data protection, and many small businesses close shortly after experiencing a data breach. It’s imperative for small businesses to maintain a secure network.

Computer Networks Explained

A computer network is essentially a kind of highway that connects computers and sometimes other office equipment and facilitates communication between the separate devices. Hardware used in the network directs the “traffic” to the correct device, allowing two separate pieces of equipment to communicate with each other. For example, a computer user may use the network to retrieve a text file from the server where it is stored, send it to the printer, and direct the latter to print the file.

Small businesses with a single office location can choose between a local area network (LAN) and a wireless (WiFi) network. A LAN has a hard-wired connection to each piece of equipment in the network. As the name implies, a WiFi network connects equipment wirelessly. Businesses should establish and maintain security protocols to keep the network and the data that passes through it safe from unauthorized access.

Depending on the number of devices to be included in your office network, you might also need additional network hardware. Switches and routers connect devices and help move signals through the network to the appropriate piece of equipment.

What to Expect from Networking Services in WV

Experienced professionals design, optimize, and maintain computer networks for WV small businesses, tailoring the network configuration to best serve the business’s needs. They may also house the information you use in your network.

If a business owner is just getting started or needs a whole new network, the technician can design a network configuration to suit the particular needs of the business. In addition to determining the physical layout of the network, office networking services will include placing routers in optimum locations and setting up complicated network settings on devices. For wireless networks, a network specialist will also configure wireless network security measures so the business owner can receive the most reliable and secure network as well as maximized Internet speeds.

Networking Services in WV for Existing Small Business Networks

You can also purchase WV small business network administration services to address problem areas in an existing computer network. Perhaps the Internet speed is troublesome, the network doesn’t have any security protocols in place, or something keeps malfunctioning. An experienced network technician can diagnose and remedy these and other network problems or shortcomings.

Small business owners should also have a professional conduct routine maintenance on their network to ensure it is working as efficiently and securely as possible. By outsourcing network administration, the business knows that a professional is monitoring and maintaining the network for top performance. Technology changes, so your network must too. Keeping the network’s equipment updated and maintaining current security protocols will help the network run smoothly.

Finally, networking services in WV also include network hosting. You’ve probably heard about network servers. Even if you don’t understand what they are, you have probably gathered that they’re equipment that stores information and help your network run. You perhaps even know that they may or may not be located on a business’ premises. Well, instead of purchasing and maintaining your own network servers, you can choose a network host to handle it for you, securely.

ComTech Consulting Maintains and Manages Computer Networks for WV Small Businesses

If you need network design, administration, or hosting service, you need a professional experienced in those areas. ComTech Consulting, LLC offers a wealth of IT solutions, including networking services in WV such as the design, administration, and hosting of small business networks. For more information on how ComTech’s experienced technicians can help your small business, contact them by email or call them at (304) 720-8491 to learn more.

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