Safeguarding Smartphone Security in WV

Cell phones ease daily living and make it easier to work remotely, but with their convenience come security consequences. Mobile security breaches are becoming increasingly more common, reducing individual and business privacy and possibly jeopardizing confidential business information. What security solutions can you implement today to safeguard smartphone security in WV or elsewhere?

Smart Moves for Smartphone Security in WVImage of an employee using his mobile device at work, representing the importance of protecting smartphone security in WV, Kentucky (KY), and Ohio (OH) from cyber-thieves.

Many don’t realize that it’s just as important to use the right security precautions with a mobile device as with a computer. Hackers can easily infiltrate a smartphone using undetectable methods. To protect your company’s private data, it’s important to follow certain security recommendations that can reduce mobile device security risks.

Smartphone Security Risk for Small Business in WV

Understanding how professional hackers get access to information in your mobile device is the first step to securing your business information and reducing mobile device security risks. Companies that allow either a work phone or a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy policy for their employees should be particularly concerned with reducing mobile device security risks that a BYOD policy brings to their small business: a breach in an employee’s device could jeopardize the security of the entire company.

Many things may cause weak smartphone security; however, the most straightforward and common one is when phones are lost or stolen. When a hacker has someone’s phone in his hands, it makes it very easy to compromise a company, along with its customer and client data.

Expert hackers can infiltrate a phone though third-party apps that have not passed safety standards required by major app stores. This should particularly concern those who own Androids, as third-party apps are not available in the iTunes Store.

Yet another risk comes when users fail to update their phones regularly. Postponing software updates gives an opportunity to a hacker to access information when the system is weak.

Many users do not realize that the same sly tricks hackers use to infiltrate computers are used with cell phones. In the computer world, the common practice is to avoid opening e-mails or links from anonymous users and to avoid public Wi-Fi; this same rule should apply also with mobile devices as hackers use text messages, social network scams, and public wireless networks to access smartphones.

Often, mobile device users fail to take necessary security. What are some security solutions to reduce mobile device security risks to your small business in WV?

Achieving Smartphone Security in WV for Your Small Business

The main consequence of a successful breach is economic damage through possible financial loss, legal infractions, or reputation damage. The best way to reduce mobile device security risks is to limit exposure to unwanted access by requiring employees to follow these security solutions:

  • Locking phones with a password. Having a four-digit passcode or a fingerprint detection system is the first wall your business must put up against those trying to get personal or company information.
  • Setting up a remote wipe. This system enables you to wipe off all the information on an employee’s phone in the event it is lost or stolen. You can prevent data from being completely lost by backing up phones.
  • Avoiding third-party apps.
  • Avoiding public Wi-Fi in favor of a VPN or SSL connection. Public Wi-Fi is easily accessible to all, including hackers. When an employee is connected to a public Wi-Fi system, the hacker is capable of interfering between that employee and the hotspot. To access an unsecured connection safely, one should add a layer of encryption though a VPN or a SSL
  • Update phones regularly and employ anti-malware

Hackers are always on the lookout for weak targets. Taking these few precautions will ensure your business smartphone security in WV.

BYOD Security Risks for Small Business

Having a BYOD policy at your workplace can be beneficial in many ways; however, potential hidden costs include security threats to your WV small business. Although a BYOD policy might initially seem cost effective, the mobile device security risks that may follow can quickly eclipse any initial benefit.

Smartphones have become essential in everyone’s lives, and so they have attracted cyber-thieves, endangering small businesses. ComTech Consulting technicians can help you decide whether the BYOD is the right policy for your company. We can also show you how to safeguard your smartphone security in WV or anywhere nationwide. Call ComTech Consulting today at (304) 720-8491 or e-mail us at to consult experienced professionals in mobile security.

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