When You Need West Virginia IT Security SolutionsImage of a businessman’s hand holding a graphic of a lock against a background of blue binary code, indicating West Virginia IT security solutions by ComTech Consulting, LLC, proudly servicing West Virginia (WV), Kentucky (KY), and Ohio (OH).

One of your small business’s greatest assets is its data. Client files and financials and your business’s own proprietary information is all integral to your success. And most if not all of that information is stored on computers or your office network. How do you keep your data secure? If you’re not an information technology (IT) expert, you need West Virginia IT security solutions by ComTech Consulting, LLC.

Security Threats to West Virginia Small Business

In West Virginia, IT security solutions are just as important as the lock on our business’s front door. Data security, also called information security or InfoSec, is a growing field. News stories about data breaches at major corporations and agencies remind us almost daily about the importance of IT security.

If the big boys are falling victim to cyber crime, how can a small business protect itself? Even in smaller, more rural states such as West Virginia (WV), security threats can drain your competitive edge and slash company profits. When you need IT security solutions, you need ComTech Consulting, LLC.

ComTech Provides the Latest InfoSec Solutions in West Virginia

ComTech technicians are trained and experienced in providing the latest IT security solutions. As a fellow small business in West Virginia, ComTech understands and is trained to protect against security threats. ComTech will secure your office’s wireless network, mobile devices, and remote access to strengthen your IT defenses.

ComTech will also help you protect against possible internal threats such as disgruntled or former employees or a current employee’s carelessness in opening unknown emails and attachments. And to protect against viruses, ransomware, or other types of malware, ComTech will install and keep updated the latest in anti-virus software.

Choose ComTech for West Virginia IT Security Solutions

Your company’s data deserves no less than the best protection. ComTech technicians have the experience to provide premier WV IT security solutions for your small business. Your data and your small business are worth it.

No business is too small to be the target of a cyber attack. For West Virginia IT security solutions, you need the experts in data security at ComTech Consulting, LLC. For an evaluation or complete West Virginia InfoSec solutions, contact ComTech by email for the quickest response, or call us at (304) 720-8491. We also proudly serve clients in Kentucky (KY), Ohio (OH), and nationwide.