Workplace Productivity Tips for West Virginia Small Business: Keeping Things Moving

Workplace productivity tips for West Virginia small business can help to keep you and your small business moving forward. Running a small business and keeping it allImage of a desktop with a laptop computer, a phone, a calendar, a planner, files, and a clock, representing simple workplace productivity tips for West Virginia Small Business and how the experienced technicians at ComTech Consulting, LLC can help you be productive by meeting all of your tech needs. going can be challenging. Somehow, what seems like the simplest of tasks can end up eating away at an entire day, while the complicated and necessary development tasks get pushed aside over and over. Sometimes this cycle can eventually cause your small business to stagnate and flounder instead of grow and expand. Workplace productivity for small business in WV is critical for growing and thriving in a competitive world.

Productivity Tips For West Virginia Small Business

Productivity Tips for West Virginia Small Business: Where to Start?

When it comes to workplace productivity in WV, the hardest question is often where to begin. Once it seems that productivity has started to fall, it can be challenging to decide where to start to get back on track. Even this stage of decision-making and prioritizing can create the same spiral you are trying to pull your business out of.

One way to manage this predicament is to analyze the time you spend on business activities to discern how effectively you’re spending your time. First, make  a list of the tasks that result in most of your productivity. Next, list what activities take up most of your time. After comparing the lists, eliminate the tasks that take up time and generate little workplace productivity. Your final list will contain only the tasks most effective for your business’s success.

Managing Tasks for Workplace Productivity in WV

After completing the analysis above, determine how to allow personnel and time to each task, keeping the following in mind:

  • Consolidate like tasks. Just as some people make a shopping list of items in the order they’re found in the store—yes, some people really do that—organize and list your daily or weekly tasks in the order the order they need to be performed and, if possible, consolidate like tasks. Despite what you may have heard, multitasking often gives a false sense of productivity when in reality you’re not really moving forward as quickly as if you handled each task separately and focused.
  • If you have contractors or employees, delegate tasks that others can handle so you can spend your time on the tasks that only you can perform. Sometimes outsourcing some work is the most product and efficient thing to do.
  • Establish efficient communication systems. Whether you’re working with a team or solo, keeping records of your tasks and progress can help create a plan for tackling similar tasks more quickly in the future. And if you work with one or more others, keeping everyone up-to-date will help keep everyone moving forward.
  • Use lists. To do lists for tasks and agendas for meetings will help focus work. Whether you use a software project or task management system or prefer old school pen and paper, task lists help you remember what needs to be done as well as prioritize what to do first. Writing and sticking to agendas are the equivalent for meetings. An agenda helps keep you on task and assures that you cover everything you wanted to discuss in the meeting.
  • Track performance. Keep track of whether tasks take more or less time than expected, whether they accomplished what you intended, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the assigned person on that task. By tracking performance, you may find ways to increase productivity further by reassigning, reprioritizing, or replacing certain

Reassess Workplace Productivity in WV Regularly

Once you’ve implemented these productivity tips and have used them for a while, reevaluate your business’s productivity, starting with another time analysis. If you and those working with you are spending the majority of time on tasks that are the most productive for the business, keep on trucking. But if you find hiccups, reassess who is assigned what and the amount of time needed to do it.

Finding your productivity groove is a process. As with anything in life, as things change, the process may need to change. And just because you’re good at what you do doesn’t mean you or those working with you will be good at doing everything needed to make your business run smoothly. One of those things is IT.

ComTech Consulting is here to help you keep your small business growing and thriving. Even if you’ve found a groove using productivity tips for West Virginia small business, sometimes you need a specialist. Whether you need small business unified communications or cloud solutions in West Virginia and the surrounding states or any other tech services, ComTech Consulting, LLC is here to help. Call us today by calling (304) 720-8491 or email us at Our experienced technicians are ready to help you be more productive.

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